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Event Rules

  1. You must be 21 years of age to attend, We ID (No Exceptions)

  2. No photography or video recording devices allowed.

  3. We/I understand no one is obligated to participate in any activity whatsoever.

  4. You expressly acknowledge, agree and consent to be exposed to and observe conduct consistent with actions that include nudity and adult sexual contact. You affirmatively state the aforementioned expressive conduct and activity is not offensive or lewd to you.

  5. NO Drinking and Driving. Everyone is welcomed to stay, please do not drive if you have been drinking.

  6. Please have a Designated Driver

  7. DiveBarDiva clothing-optional events are BYOB. We do not sell alcohol!

  8. You agree NOT to engage in ANY ILLEGAL activity of any type including but not limited to,

    1. ILLEGAL Drugs. The possession, use or sale of any Illegal drugs of any kind is strictly prohibited. Anyone found with any illegal drugs on your person or vehicle will be held responsible and/or prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    2. The solicitation of sex for money or other exchange is strictly prohibited

    3. No firearms or other weapons allowed on Premises.

  9. We/I agree that our participation at a DiveBarDiva party is for our own personal and private purposes that we are not attending to solicit others for any illegal purpose. Further, that each attendee is not attending for purposes of any official or legal investigation, for purposes of reporting to any news agenda.

  10. Ask First. No means NO. Please watch your alcohol intake; no disorderly and drunken behavior will be tolerated or you will be asked to leave. This is a party, please have fun and be respectful of others. Do Not Drink and Drive.

  11. NO DRAMA please, this is a time to meet and socialize with other likeminded adults.

  12. If you come together, you leave together.

  13. Any suggested donations we volunteer is for our share of party expenses (including but not limited to food, soft drinks and utilities) and are Specifically NOT for any sexual activity that you may observe or engage in while attending DiveBarDiva party.

  14. Anyone violating the rules, and/or exhibiting rude, obnoxious and disruptive behavior will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to attend future parties/events. We also reserve the right to deny access to anyone without providing any explanation or reason.

  15. Locations where Meet & Greet and mixer events take place may have their own set of rules and regulations which must abide.  

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